Pizza in NYC


With or without a fork and knife? That is the real question. At least, it is as far as pizza is concerned.

When Damien first arrived, he always asked for utensils  to eat his pizza slice. He was the only one while the rest of us ate with our hands at home or at the neighborhood pizza place.

That was before.  After 6 months, Damien has moved on to the next phase – without silverware. A fork and knife no longer appear on the table for pizza lunches. It is the past for my French husband. He no longer hesitates to firmly grasp his pizza slice and eats it as is and not in bite size pieces.  I am proud of him.

In New York, it is rather the debate to fold or not a slice of pizza.  There are some who fold it into two and others who leave it as is.  There are still others who dab it to remove any excess oil before eating.

This topic recently drew attention and was featured in The New York Times. The new mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio, was eating his pizza with a fork and knife. This action surprised many and spurred debate.

The debate continues… For anyone who ventures to New York, be careful when you order a pizza. The psychology behind pizza eating is taken very seriously.

The New York Times article:

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