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The day before Thanksgiving, we went to see the preparations being made for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.  The large, colorful balloons that delight so many are inflated the afternoon and evening before.  It is possible to stand right next to the balloons and watch many cartoon characters come to life. It was a treat to be able to partake in the festivities.

Watching the parade on TV with the delicious scent of turkey roasting in the oven is a memory that has remained with me over time.  This year, it was really nice to celebrate Thanksgiving in NY with family.  I enjoy being able to share these traditions with Damien.

One year, I did try to make my own Thanksgiving feast when we lived in Paris.  Challenge #1: Finding a turkey.  We went to our neighborhood butcher who warned us that it would be difficult to procure a turkey so many weeks before Christmas, but promised that he would try.  I was relieved when the butcher was successful in his quest and was determined to make all of the traditional dishes. Luckily, we found an American grocery and were even able to find canned cranberry sauce and canned pumpkin.  Overall, the dinner was much appreciated, but the cranberry sauce left several of my French guests perplexed. To them, eating cranberry sauce at the same time as the turkey seemed rather strange.  They thought that the cranberry sauce  seemed more like a dessert or something to be spread on bread for breakfast in the morning. That was ok because it left more for me! It was fun to bring Thanksgiving to those who had never seen it.

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