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Halloween in New York City

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One Man Show

City WineryWe saw our first French one man show.  The show was performed by a well known French comedian, Gad Elmaleh. It was his last show in the USA.  In Paris you can see him in big theatres, but, in NYC, he did his show in the City Winery, a bar restaurant where pizza and burgers were being served as he told jokes.  We were seated at a table with a good view and had drinks.  It was possible to eat, but not mandatory. Gad spoke with the public and made jokes about the differences between France and the US so for us, it was very relevant. For example, he spoke about the French thinking that there is too much air conditioning in the US. I agree with him, but not Michele… A reoccurring debate.

The show was excellent and really funny. Thanks Gad for this great time.

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Merchant’s House Museum

We found it. A beautiful house.

It is centrally located in Manhattan. It is furnished, spacious and has seven fireplaces.

The best feature is perhaps the courtyard garden, a perfect place to relax and spend a few much needed peaceful moments. When we visited, we didn’t want to leave.  It just felt right.

There is only one problem. The house is not open to inhabitants.

The Merchant’s House Museum (29 East Fourth Street) is the elegant house of a former merchant constructed in 1832 that has been transformed into a museum.  Much of the furniture and objects belong to the family that once lived here. When crossing the threshold, I was transported to another era. It is possible to take a self guided tour of the house.  The guide book offers information about the different rooms and also explains customs and traditions during that period in New York’s history.

The museum also highlights the contrast between the well off merchant’s family and the staff that kept the house running smoothly.

We spent a lot of time in the garden, enjoying the crisp autumn weather.  It was reminiscent of a secret garden as large buildings can be seen surrounding the courtyard and the garden itself seemed hidden away, protected.  I would recommend this to anyone who wants a glimpse of New York’s past.

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