Corned beef and pickles

corned beef

I really like corned beef.  This salty meat is great in a sandwich with a juicy pickle on the side.

I realize that we frequently speak about food, but, it’s true that food can say a lot about a culture.

As I am in New York now, I am able to go to well known Katz’s Delicatessen when I am seized by a corned beef craving.   At Katz’s, there is a bit of a ritual surrounding the purchase of a corned beef sandwich.  Upon entering, everyone is offered a ticket.   Make sure not to lose it as anything you order will be written on the ticket, and it will be checked when you leave. Next, you have to carefully choose your counter to place an order.  Behind the counter, skilled and focused employees cut generous slabs of corned beef or pastrami based on your order.  A sample is offered, leaving you hungry for more.

Don’t forget the pickles!  Katz’s offers large pickles, real pickles.  Pickles are actually an ongoing subject of debate between myself and Damien.  Damien prefers little, spicy “cornichons” that are often found in French grocery stores. I grew up eating big, thick pickles. Damien tells me I eat cucumbers and I retort that his version of pickles are too small :) This is what can happen when you’re married to someone who grew up in a different country and has different tastes!  In the end, though, our differences make life more interesting.

Enough about pickles, back to Katz’s.  Over one of the tables, there is a sign proclaiming that a famous scene from Harry Met Sally was filmed at the table below.

If you are hungry, head to Katz’s.

Enjoy !

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