This morning’s destination : Williamsburg, Brooklyn

We decided to visit the Williamsburg Flea. This colorful flea market is home to food stands, city artists and antique vendors. A lot of the artwork features New York. There was even one artist who draws city scenes on post-its.

Overlooking the water, this flea market offers a beautiful view of Manhattan (see photo). Many people were gathered along the sandy shore and the grass to chat or sunbathe while looking out at the city skyline. As it was very hot, we started with a refreshing glass of cool lemonade followed by a dish of pupusas (see photo). Intrigued by the name, we tried this for the first time and were told that it is a dish from El Salavador consisting of a tortilla like dough stuffed with cheese or meat.

After the flea market, we decided to visit the neighborhood. While strolling casually through the streets of Williamsburg, we made an important discovery, at least for Damien, a cheese shop!  Of course we couldn’t resist and found ourselves in front of a large cheese display. The Bedford Cheese Shop offers different products from cheese to jam to chocolate. Everything looked tempting, but I let Damien choose. Not surprisingly, he opted for French cheese and selected a tomme des Pyrénées and a tomme de Levezou. We really enjoyed our time in Williamsburg and finding good cheese was the perfect way to end a pleasant afternoon.

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