A new twist on an Easter egg hunt

NYC egg1

Searching for Easter eggs takes on a whole new meaning on the streets of the Big Apple.  Sponsored by Fabergé, eggs painted by artists have been placed throughout the city.

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A festive taxi

NYC taxi

A taxi driver decided to decorate his cab.

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New York Art

This week, we visited the New Museum, dedicated to contemporary art.  On the way, we walked in front of a large outdoor mural which seemed appropriate before an afternoon of art exhibits.  We had already noticed the New Museum’s building as it stands out from its surroundings. The museum proposes different exhibits including sculpture, video and remodeled space.  We entered one room that was full of colorful paintings– on the walls, the floors and even over the elevators.  A stand with paint stood at the center and visitors were encouraged to leave a trace and to express themselves freely on the walls.  All of these drawings from different visitors merged to create a vibrant room full of energy.


South of Manhattan

View from a water taxi.

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Bronx Zoo

Some pictures from our trip to the Bronx Zoo.

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Pizza in NYC


With or without a fork and knife? That is the real question. At least, it is as far as pizza is concerned.

When Damien first arrived, he always asked for utensils  to eat his pizza slice. He was the only one while the rest of us ate with our hands at home or at the neighborhood pizza place.

That was before.  After 6 months, Damien has moved on to the next phase – without silverware. A fork and knife no longer appear on the table for pizza lunches. It is the past for my French husband. He no longer hesitates to firmly grasp his pizza slice and eats it as is and not in bite size pieces.  I am proud of him.

In New York, it is rather the debate to fold or not a slice of pizza.  There are some who fold it into two and others who leave it as is.  There are still others who dab it to remove any excess oil before eating.

This topic recently drew attention and was featured in The New York Times. The new mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio, was eating his pizza with a fork and knife. This action surprised many and spurred debate.

The debate continues… For anyone who ventures to New York, be careful when you order a pizza. The psychology behind pizza eating is taken very seriously.

The New York Times article: http://www.nytimes.com/2014/01/11/nyregion/de-blasio-skewered-for-eating-pizza-with-utensils.html?_r=0

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American Museum of Natural History

American Museum of Natural History

The American Museum of Natural History is one of my favorite museums in New York.  I have been there many times with Damien, but we always enjoy going back.  From dinosaurs to minerals to a gigantic whale replica suspended from the ceiling, there is something for everyone.  For me, this museum evokes the awe I felt as a child as I stood in front of each exhibition.  Looking at artifacts from around the world, it made me dream about faraway places and, at the same time, revealed the delicate beauty and ferociousness of nature.

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The Museum of the City of New York

Museum of the City of New York

The Museum of the City of New York focuses on the shaping of the city. Upon arriving, we were initially struck by the façade.  When we commented on this, a woman at the reception told us that the building was also used to host events and weddings.  Near 103rd street, the museum overlooks Central Park.  As it is not too big and offers several select exhibits, it is possible to really take the time to look and appreciate each one instead of feeling overwhelmed. The museum has paintings, photographs and a variety of objects that focus on major events that shaped the city’s history and offers a view of life in New York today and in the past. http://www.mcny.org

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Snowy Central Park

snow in Central Park

This year started out with hot chocolate weather.  We had snow and cold temperatures which always make me feel like a steaming cup of hot chocolate.  Damien and I ventured to Central Park to enjoy the new fallen snow. We came across several people crossing the park on skis. Children congregated on slopes to have sledding parties. For those without skis or sleds, there was always the traditional snow ball fight or just the pleasure of leaving foot prints in the snow. There was something almost magical and peaceful about Central Park covered in glittering white.




The day before Thanksgiving, we went to see the preparations being made for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.  The large, colorful balloons that delight so many are inflated the afternoon and evening before.  It is possible to stand right next to the balloons and watch many cartoon characters come to life. It was a treat to be able to partake in the festivities.

Watching the parade on TV with the delicious scent of turkey roasting in the oven is a memory that has remained with me over time.  This year, it was really nice to celebrate Thanksgiving in NY with family.  I enjoy being able to share these traditions with Damien.

One year, I did try to make my own Thanksgiving feast when we lived in Paris.  Challenge #1: Finding a turkey.  We went to our neighborhood butcher who warned us that it would be difficult to procure a turkey so many weeks before Christmas, but promised that he would try.  I was relieved when the butcher was successful in his quest and was determined to make all of the traditional dishes. Luckily, we found an American grocery and were even able to find canned cranberry sauce and canned pumpkin.  Overall, the dinner was much appreciated, but the cranberry sauce left several of my French guests perplexed. To them, eating cranberry sauce at the same time as the turkey seemed rather strange.  They thought that the cranberry sauce  seemed more like a dessert or something to be spread on bread for breakfast in the morning. That was ok because it left more for me! It was fun to bring Thanksgiving to those who had never seen it.

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